How a certified project manager helps the company and its director

I am a certified project manager. My skills such as organization, responsibility, project work experience and last but not least, persistence will help me to face the challenges of the new job.

The competencies I possess such as teamwork, active listening, customer focus, flexibility, creativity, negotiation, and working under pressure will also benefit me. Read more: “Why do you want to become a Certified Project Manager?”,

I can’t think of any competencies and skills that I don’t currently possess.

Since project work was not documented until before my appointment, changes were made at any moment and by everyone, the first thing I will start with is to phase in a structured work order in which the roles and responsibilities of each one of the parties will be clearly and precisely spelled out.

To prevent my boss from panicking, I will ask him to give me some time to try to explain to him the essential importance of documenting the work on the project, and how it will not hinder the work, in fact, the opposite. How the scope of the project will protect us from possible large losses of money, time, and people.

Everything learned so far will help me to make a project plan, which in turn will include:

  • The scope of the project, in which I will describe what will be done on the project, the requirements of the client, and what it does not include.
  • The communication plan – in it I will describe how the communication between the parties will take place and through which communication channels.
  • Stakeholders Plan – describes the role of each Stakeholder, their contacts, importance, influence, and where and how they can help.
  • Change Management Plan – describes the persons who will be able to request a change, the persons who will accept the change request, what changes will be able to be requested, and the Change Request Form, as an official document certifying the change request. Reference:
  • Quality Management Plan – the client’s quality requirements will be included in this plan, and once it is drawn up, it will be discussed again with the client to ensure that both parties are aware of the same.
  • Supply plan – includes names and contracts with suppliers, delivery terms, delivery methods, and deadlines.
  • Risk management plan – is a visual file that includes all possible risks, the ways of reaction, the probability of occurrence, the number of losses, an action plan, when it can occur and who is responsible for the corresponding risk.
  • Cost management plan – includes the estimated costs and their distribution, as possible measures in case the costs exceed the previously planned ones.
  • End of Stage Report – provides information on project progress as of a specified date.
  • I regularly keep a diary of the meetings with the teams, the client, and other stakeholders
  • I introduce keeping a journal of lessons learned – describing any type of challenges and how they were resolved during the implementation of the project.

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