Get a Human Resources Manager certificate with a good training course

Get a Human Resources Manager certificate with a good training course

Obtaining a Human Resources Manager certification is an important step for any HR professional.

The HR department often includes many roles and positions. However, being a certified human resources manager can help you a lot in your work.

The certification also proves your ambition, motivation, and knowledge in the HR field.

Good Human Resources Manager certification online with a training course

There are many ways to obtain a document or a human resources manager license.

One option is to start higher education in the field at your preferred university. Keep in mind that the diploma will take several years of study.

Another option is to enroll in an HR training course. However, you should research whether you will receive a document upon completion.

A third option is to obtain a certificate from for Human Resource Manager. Reference:, (BVOP Certified Human Resources Manager, 2018 Copyright)

If you create an account on the platform you will receive a discount. The training materials are free for everyone. And the certification exam is fast and completely online.

What is HR?

Human resources include, all activities used to attract and retain employees to effectively use people to achieve organizational and individual goals.
It consists of planning, organizing, motivating, developing, and retaining the human resources (employees) of an organization necessary for
achieving organizational goals.

Objectives of HR management.

The main goals of HR management are economic and social.

Economic goals are those that provide:

  • achieving organizational goals through staff;
  • providing the most appropriate working environment
  • creating an environment that encourages the commitment of
  • employees for quality performance of their work
  • use of the full capacity and capabilities of the staff in the process of work

In the social field the goals are:

  • creating safe and healthy working conditions;
  • creating opportunities for increasing the knowledge and skills of employees and for their growth
  • achieving job satisfaction.
  • creating opportunities to improve the financial improvement of staff

The role of the Certified Human Resources Manager

The role of Human Resources is an important function in any organization, it includes a different set of activities that favor the development and good organization of a company to achieve high goals, both the organization and employees. Providing more and better jobs, determining the needs of the organization for staff selection together with the heads of different departments, organization of employee certification, preparation of staff development plans, proper implementation of labor legislation, the introduction of various systems for employee motivation, etc. Reference: “Why your company needs a CHRO”,

The certified manager must

  • Ensures the safety of employees at work
  • Performs research and research process to gather information, analyze and draw conclusions for decision making.
  • Carrying out payment operations to state bodies and employees
  • Selection of suitable candidates for a particular position
  • Organizing various events to develop employees and their skills
  • Ensuring results that meet the goals of the organization
  • Determines the needs of the staff;
  • Decides whether to use temporary staff or hire staff to meet these needs;
  • Recruit and train the best employees;
  • Observe the work;
  • Manage relations with employees, unions, and collective bargaining;
  • Prepare dossiers and policies for employees;
  • Manage salaries, social security, and employee benefits;
  • Provide equal opportunities;
  • They deal with discrimination;
  • Deal with performance issues;
  • Encourage employee motivation;
  • Play the role of mediators in internal disputes;
  • Increase and develop the knowledge and skills of employees;
  • Disseminate information in the organization to support its growth

Employee motivation

Motivation is the force that drives a person to act in a certain way. Why is it important to work with motivated employees?

Satisfied and motivated employee:

  • Produces more
  • It works better
  • Better customer service
  • Increases financial success
  • Represents the company at a high level
  • Motivates the people around

Maslow’s theory of the hierarchy of needs

Satisfying one need creates a desire to satisfy another, but higher need.

Only when a person satisfies one of his needs does he begin to feel the need to satisfy the next and higher need. Thus one progresses upward in the levels of one’s pyramid of needs.

Interview with a student enrolled in a certification course for human resources manager

Why do you want to study Human Resources, what motivates and motivates you?

I have no education in the field of Human Resources, but I have my observations in this field, the companies in which I have worked have left a huge impression on the employees in the HR department. Their approach and way of communicating with different employees and professions show me that it is very important to communicate with people and be able to get along with them and be able to manage stressful situations if they arise.

I like the opportunity to meet and meet different people with interesting and different professional development very much because I am always looking to communicate with people with different opinions, interests, hobbies, and views and so I think that a person enriches himself a lot.

The need to help different people find their job and their career and just feel needed for the company you work for has always been a pleasure when I feel they need my advice or opinion on a case and it makes a person feels complete, useful, and motivated. This feeling I think is most felt by the HR department, because they communicate most with the staff and management to resolve various conflicts and cases in the office. And that they are the main people that employees consult and have a direct connection with each other.

Almost every company has an HR department, which in turn contributes to more job opportunities because we all want the knowledge we acquire after completing a course, educated, etc. to be able to apply in practice and the development in this area allows it and this also motivates and motivates me a lot because I know that I will have enough job opportunities. Reference: “A New Mandate for Human Resources”,

Monotonous work is not for me and I think it is good to avoid because the brain goes into autopilot mode and is not so productive, I worked this type of work and found that it is not what I want. I want to develop in a field where different types of activities are performed and to be able to develop different skills, knowledge and improve myself every day, and to be in favor of the company in which I will work. I think that a working day at HR is never the same and is what I am looking for and would meet my requirements in terms of the work environment.

What I also like about HR is that the profession is constantly changing, to improve things in the company they do new training for employee development, strategies for attracting new staff, in general, they are always looking to develop and that would also make me very happy. motivated and ambitious and myself to develop and always look for a way to grow.

What qualities or skills do you think will be useful in this job?

I react very well in stressful situations, I am a very calm and balanced person and I think that in the field of human resources this is extremely important in terms of work environment and communication with colleagues, and responding to stressful situations.

I am well organized both personally and professionally, I manage to prioritize my tasks and plans for each week, I know what needs to be done immediately and what can wait, I do not like my colleagues to be disorganized, because if we have to work together on something and I think it is useful to have someone to organize the others.

I am communicative and very talkative, I have no problems communicating and meeting different people, discussing different things, I do not have the habit of imposing my opinion on a topic, I think that everyone has their point of view and that if it is different from mine, no means it is right or wrong I try to always reach a consensus in communication.

I have a friendly character and a calm appearance. I think this is also a pretty good quality because HR is the first person a job applicant meets. It is very important to be able to predispose him and thus create good communication between them, the ability to gain people’s trust, because the more stressed a candidate is, the greater the chance that he will not perform well at the interview. What impressions I make and radiate is an important quality in my opinion for the company in which I will work, because I will also be a representative to different people.

I manage to distinguish between professional and personal relationships with colleagues, when we are at work we are at work and no matter how much we understand and respect each other, our friendship should not cross a certain boundary in a work environment. Because HR has access to a lot of inside information, both for the company and employees, and under the influence of a colleague, misuse of information and personal data can occur. That is why it is important to distinguish between the two.

I am responsible for the work and the tasks set, I like people to rely on me and when they set me a task and complete it, it satisfies me. Responsibility for work is a very important quality so that a person can try and do his job well, so as not to engage other colleagues to do it for him.

Adaptability to new things and approaches to work in the field of HR has a constant renewal, change, and development of the company and the team to improve the work. Reference: Human Resources Manager, I always adapt quickly to the new environment and have never had difficulty adapting to a new job or a new way of doing tasks and projects. Each company has a different approach and way of working and it is important to be able to adapt to the way our company works and the innovations in it.

What qualities or skills do you think will prevent you from doing your job well in any way?

In general, I like to say what I think, even if it is not profitable for the other party, and I think it is a minus for myself, because at certain moments with colleagues and line managers it is not good to say everything one thinks, at least in my current experience.
My plan of action is to be more patient and not take part in discussions that do not directly affect me, and I work on this every day, not only professionally, but also personally. The deadline for implementation is set at the end of the year.

I am very compassionate, which I think is a problem for this position because part of the responsibilities is to lay off or fire staff, which means that I have to set a certain limit and not feel regret or conscience at certain moments, to put my feelings aside, so as not to interfere with my correct decision-making in a particular situation.
My plan of action is to upgrade myself every day and work on differentiating my emotions in the workplace. I can’t set a deadline for this, because it’s something I have to work on for a long time and eventually remove.

Incompetence in terms of laws, regulations, norms I am not so familiar with them, but it is important to be informed and educated in this direction so as not to make mistakes due to my lack of awareness and education

My plan of action is to buy books and try to get enough information and talk to people who are familiar with the subject, to help me with things I don’t understand. The deadline for implementation is set by the end of the summer, to already have the knowledge and not feel insecure about this topic.

Self-doubt many times when I am not competent in a subject I feel a very low degree of confidence in the qualities and skills I possess and to be successful I must not be so critical of myself and know that it always happens not being able to answer the question at a certain moment, and for this profession, it is important to be self-confident and not to worry if you make mistakes.

My plan of action is to keep going towards my goal and try to remove this uncertainty by talking to friends and colleagues.

The deadline for implementation is about 4 months so that I can learn through books, movies, videos that confidence is a force that everyone should have and learn to remove it.


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2 replies on “Get a Human Resources Manager certificate with a good training course”

My name is Paula and I am a senior office administrator by profession. I studied and worked simultaneously until 2019 and after graduation, I continued to expand my business in the company where I work.
For more than a year now, I have been traveling in the country and working on various sites.

Apart from being a professional, I also deal with conducting interviews, hiring staff for various positions, training them, forming a team, and solving internal work problems at the site.

I have no special skills in this area and so I decided to study this subject and support my work. I am ambitious for the extreme complexity and the work with different approaches to making my work successful. I think that the course will be useful for me and will be better prepared for different situations.

I am motivated by the good conditions I have created in the company with hard work and I plan to continue to upgrade them. I liked everything I do and I want to do it at a high level.

I think I have a lot of leadership qualities. Above all, I am a good specialist in my field and thus I gain the trust of the colleagues I work with. I have a good attitude towards work and the diligence of everyone, I want the work to give pleasure to everyone as well as to me. My long experience in the company during its development has given me direction to follow.

Every good leader must be able to motivate properly and use cunning approaches during conflicts.

Unfortunately, I tend to overdo my ambitious goals and that makes me emotional. So far, my emotions have only hurt my work.
My better professional skills lead all other colleagues to give me their work during work for “better quality” or “lack of time for its longer implementation”. This I think compromises the training I conduct for these employees.

I do not know how to self-define my position in front of my colleagues so that they feel equally free and secure at work.
I think this course will give me a little more confidence and confident practical skills to get rid of the conflict situations I find myself in every day.

I think that if I pay more attention to employee training, I will be able to work less in the field and more on improving my personal qualities as a manager.

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic world, man still remains a major factor in all economic spheres of labor, albeit with the advent of modern digitalization, the robotization of many sectors and the emergence of artificial intelligence. In this regard, my interest in human resources stems from the fact that they are an extremely important part of the creation, development and prosperity of a company.

They build its structure, introduce processes and standards, and most of all, play the role of a link between management and employees. In human resources, the most interesting and motivating for me is the aspect of constant contact with people. Communication, collaboration and commitment to the employees that an organization needs to build and maintain are essential for its people to reach their full potential and be productive. All of the above, combined with the variety of work tasks and the wide range of activities that are set in the field of human resources, are the reason for me to reorient myself professionally.

I have the ambition to develop and acquire more knowledge and competencies in this area, because it is related to the process of my personal growth and job satisfaction, retraining and improvement of my organizational and communication skills. I want to contribute with my work, knowledge, efforts and ideas for the successful functioning of the organization in which I work and where I have chosen to develop professionally.

The qualities that will benefit me greatly are my social skills. They will help me communicate with people, exchange thoughts and ideas, experience, suggestions and recommendations for improving and optimizing the work process, combined with good organizational work and rapid adaptation in the work environment. My argument is that I see “human capital” as an important unit for maintaining good relations in a work team, where work ethic is established and good practices are integrated.

My worries about my negative traits are related to a lack of patience in unforeseen situations. This is mainly caused by delays or extensions of the deadline for the implementation of the tasks by external factors, obstacles to the achievement of goals or provocation. The deadlines for dealing with these negative qualities are difficult to fix in this case, but my reaction time in such situations would be good to be limited to 15-20 minutes as a maximum in which to gather my thoughts and react adequately.

As an action plan in this case, I would take the following:

To try to work on maintaining my personal peace of mind in situations of unforeseen delay. To realize that in order to withstand such difficult circumstances, I must have the patience to overcome them and compensate for the lost time / delay by catching up on other points in the work plan, where the situation allows it. The aim is to meet deadlines.

When obstacles arise that take me away from the ultimate goal, patience and calm are again key factors for me to be able to deal with the situation. In this case, I will eliminate the obstacles, or I will bypass them and take another course of development, with a different approach and methods, to redirect the process to success and the ultimate goal.

I would be easier to deal with the provocation, but it is still a challenge. I have the ability to control my emotions to some degree, even when I am criticized or attacked personally. I will try to keep patience in the spirit and with an intelligent sense of humor and conversation in the circle of good tone, to quench some of the aggressive energy and negativity in my interlocutor.

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