Business organization strategy and systems

The structure or our example business organization is linear, which provides control over the relevant line activities, as well as the availability of personal responsibilities by each of the managers and heads of departments.


In the company’s main markets, a strategy of focusing marketing efforts only on specific market segments and gaining a leading position in meeting specific consumer needs is applied. This is especially pronounced in the marketing approach of the company on the European market.

The company’s marketing strategy is formed based on a severe analysis of marketing research data and information on marketing activities, while also taking into account the factors – product life cycle and competitor’s macro environment.

The effective marketing strategy and policy of Astera Cosmetics AD meets the following criteria:

The company evaluates and records the essential characteristics of the targeted mid-market segment identified as strategic. It is geared to the specific needs of the target client by creating a visible competitive advantage for the products in their portfolio;

Purposefully works to maintain its strengths by optimizing its weaknesses and company specifics;

The company develops models of competition compliance, ie. develops options for how to counter competition in order to retain its competitive advantages effectively;

The company maintains high profitability with the chosen strategy to achieve the planned economic goals;

The company provides a harmonious marketing mix, offering high-quality products to the targeted market segments;

The company has a professional team that is motivated to perform its tasks and functions.

The goals of the company based on the marketing strategy are as follows:

  • profit and necessary investments;
  • market-product priorities;
  • high-quality products;
  • the leading position of the company in the industry for the European market;
  • price targeting;
  • distribution optimization

Astera Cosmetics AD is a marketing-oriented company with a focus on the cost-effectiveness of its operations. The projects of new products in the portfolio of the company are made based on studies of the needs and desires of consumers in the defined strategic segments of the market, as well as following the trends of development of similar products by strong and distinguished manufacturers in the industry.

The process of measuring market status, gathering ideas, evaluating them, and improving existing products is continuous.
The new projects for the company are as follows:

  • Launch of a new innovative professional product.
  • New product targeted to the low economy segment of the market;
  • New product for female users.
  • New series of products for young users.


The company operates regulated processes for the acceptance of orders, their processing and production, and project planning. The company will follow strict guidelines for Resources and Activities Planning.

The process of manufacturing products

The process of manufacturing products involves the following steps:

Stage 1 Two-component injection of product bodies – the body of the product is manufactured, and the main materials in the granular form are fed into the bins of a twin-screw syringe with microprocessor control type K-TES 155 FERROMATIK MILACRON – Germany.

Stage 2 Placing fibers on a programmed profile – the finished product bodies are submitted for the second processing step – tufting or filling the holes in the product head with details.

Stage 3 Blinking and packaging of finished products – Product quality is controlled by video control. The following are blister or packing processes.

There are 2 machines in the production department: cutting and folding and packaging of the products.

In the production of products, the technological line is serviced by operators. The processes of manual labor are in the final stage of production – the packaging of finished products in group boxes and cartons.

Shared values

The main shared values ​​of the staff are the following:

  • first, an orientation towards high-quality production;
  • second, teamwork at all levels;
  • third, a sense of inner satisfaction with belonging to a company that provides employee development, company training, and employee safety.
  • Transparency with Agile Scrum approaches


In order to successfully market its products on the market, the company needs its continuous development, the introduction of new brands, as well as research and development. This determines:

  • hiring employees with high professional status;
  • orientation towards company training – both internal and external training;
  • maintaining and qualifying highly educated employees.
  • All these are achieved with the popular recruitment trends in 2020

The main abilities and skills that are valued in the company are the following:

teamwork opportunities;
the presence of innovation and creativity in the individual employees;
abilities and attitudes to change.

Since much of the company’s output is marketed directly, sales and trading capabilities are also essential.
As mentioned, when hiring, one of the criteria is the availability of high professional and similar abilities. They also develop within the company, with employees being sent for systematic training or being offered by senior employees when recruiting new employees.

Management Style

The company is centralized, as can be seen from the figure presenting its organizational structure. At individual levels, a particularly well-emphasized dialogical style of communication is adopted. This style is perceived as being only right for employees and managers in terms of communication within the company. This solves the problems that have arisen at the individual levels or in the course of the operational work of the company.

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