Best Online Project Management Training Courses and Programs

There are many online project management courses today around the world. That is why in the article we will describe only the best ones. Before that, however, we will present an introduction to the field below.

Choosing the best online project management course can be a success for your career
Choosing the best online project management course can be a success for your career

List of the best online project management courses

This is the list of courses we have selected for our publication. Details for each one you will find are described below for each section.

  1. BVOP Certified Project Manager
  2. Diploma in Project Management – Alison 
  3. Project Management Specialization Courses – Coursera 
  4. Project Management – Oxford Home Study College
  5. Effective Project management – Latitude U 
  6. Brain Sensei 
  7. Master of Project Academy
  8. Simplilearn 
  9. LinkedIn Learning

Project management is a crucial skill that may give you many advantages, especially if you are related to business development. Let’s start with the basics of project management and learn what it is. 

Project management is a process of achieving the goals and objectives required for specific projects. To fulfill all the criteria or parameters for a project to get accepted, it requires particular skills, expertise, and tools. Project management is implementing and managing all these things. 

People often would confuse management with project management, but these two are different from each other. Management is a continuous process. However, project management has a time limit to it. Along with a time limit, a project has an end goal, too. Project management requires a lot more skills, expertise, sound business knowledge, etc. 

Why is Project Management Important?

Project management is essential for the following reasons. 

  • To explain why a project is essential. 
  • To manage and fulfill the requirements of a project, getting an approximation about the time and resources. 
  • To develop a business case for justifying the need for the investment. 
  • To secure corporate funding and agreements. 
  • To plan and implement plans necessary for a project. 
  • To motivate and lead a team that is responsible for project management. 
  • To deal with the changes, issues, and other related risks about the project. 
  • To take care and manage the progress regarding the project. 
  • Maintenance of good communication between the parties involved. 
  • Lastly, close the project at an appropriate time. 

Application of the subject

We use project management for projects that are objected to getting a progressive outcome for those who have started the project. Project management means dealing with a certain amount of tasks, their initiation, and planning. 

Project management is essential because businesses require planning, managing, etc. of a team. Due to this, the results are indeed achieved with a certain amount of resources. Project management also makes sure that the resources and funding are being used at their best. It is also essential to keep in check and deal with the requirements as well as the needs of the project and its stakeholders. 

What are Project management Courses?

Now that we know what project management means, let’s see what project management courses are. 

Project management courses are essential for you if you require training to pass the Project Management Professional exams by Project Management Institution. People who are professionals and need the extra practice to get the best out of them should go for the course.

Importance of training

The project management course would make you able to get almost 20% more than those who haven’t. Another reason to do the course is whether or not you are a professional project manager. It will keep you up-to-date with the latest trends. 

According to many studies and researches, we know that those who keep up with the new trends tend to advance faster, their chances of progress are also more. 

The certification makes you a legit professional in your job. To keep up with the certificate, you may need to give exams. For this purpose, project management courses are essential. The only experience isn’t going to provide you with a high paying dream salary. It requires a PMP certification. 

Selected Training Programs

Not everyone has the time and resources to attend physical courses, but online courses make it convenient for anyone. Here are some of the many courses that may prepare you for the project management exams like PMP, BVOP, or Prince2. 

Not many people know, but there are a few well-known institutions that are offering free courses. However, they have a fee to get a certificate or access to added features. Without further delays, here is a list of such courses. 

BVOP Certified Project Manager

BVOP is a modern Agile project management methodology that includes advanced additional training in Scrum, Kanban, Lean, MVP, Product Backlog Prioritization, and many others.

To enroll in the course you do not need to do anything special except an account on the website

The training is completely free. To successfully take your BVOP certificate you need to take an online certification exam.

To receive a document, you must answer at least 75% of the questions correctly. For each question, you have a reaction time of 1 minute. The total number of exam questions for 60 which makes the total exam time one hour. The exam is fully automated and has no human presence.

The BVOP certification is ranked second in the list of the US media (in the article Top 13 project management certifications for 2020 by Sharon Florentine)

Diploma in Project Management – Alison

 This course is excellent for beginners as it provides a step-by-step learning process, done in different phases. The course tells you the entire lifecycle of the development and other kinds of documentation. Overall, it provides beginners with a good foundation. 

Topics covered in this diploma course include toolsets, methodology, project lifecycle, design, planning, evaluation, and analysis. 

The time duration for the course; 6 to 10 hours. At the end of the course, you get to review everything via a test. The course materials are free for you to access. However, you need a fee and pass the course for the official diploma of Alison. 

Find more online training programs at

Project Management Specialization Courses – Coursera 

Coursera is not just a onetime thing; they have a series of classes of project management specialization. The course will teach you: Introduction, planning, practices, and principles of project management specialization. 

Many of these classes are free, with no costs. However, a fee is required if you want a certificate of the course, or if you want a graded course work. Access to course material is free. 

Read more: Project Management Certification and Training Courses in Montreal, Canada

Project Management – Oxford Home Study College

It is a short course, and it covers the topics of intro to project management, an overview of the project lifecycle, and the role of a project manager. 

The course duration is about 80 hours, and when you get done with the course, it will send you an email for the certificate. The college issues the certificate, and it is of no cost. The best thing about this course is it is offered by one of the tops in the field. 

More on the topic: Top 40 Project Management certifications for 2020 and 2021, by Ashton Williams

Effective Project management – Latitude U 

The course covers many fundamental topics like the concepts of project management, which includes: management of scope, time, budget, risk, and resources. 

This course’s main objective is to tell the people about how to fulfill the requirements of the project, such as resources, scope, or budget. 

Brain Sensei 

This course is based on six modules, and it is an online course as well. The course fulfills the criteria of 35 hours for the PMP exams. The course covers the topics, which include: project planning, project initialing, project execution, project closing, project monitoring plus control, and an overall view of project management. 

The content is interactive, and the animated content helps keep you engaged for a long time. You can also self-assess your progress with extensive and helpful 900 practice questions. 

The entire course of six modules will cost you $399.99. However, you can also get individual modules.

You can also check the list of to compare the info. 

Master of Project Academy

To enroll in the PMP exam, you must have a contact for 35 hours, which this course fulfills. Further, this course has more than 750 practice PMP questions, more than 300 lectures, a sample of PMP exam certification, cheat sheets, etc. 

This course enables you to understand and practice for the big exam day on your way. A certificate is given after completion. 

The best part is that you can make the course payment in different ways, like $35 every month, $185 every month, or get a lifetime of access for $370. 


This course also fulfills the 35 PDUs that are required to take the PMP exams for certification. The course has things like training lead by instructors of 35 hours, 15 case studies, games based on scenarios, E-learning of 35 hours, quizzes, and simulation exams. 

Simplilearn has two payment methods: self-paced learning in $499, and Flexi Pass for $999. The Flexi pass includes an online training session from more than 15 instructors. The access is given for 90 days. 

Online Project Management Certificate – Colorado State University

The course is shortened to a duration of 16 weeks. Otherwise, the entire curriculum and faculty are the same as it is in the Denver in-class session. It is designed to be for a shorter period so that people with a busy and tight schedule get full advantage of it. 

The course fulfills the criteria with 48 contact hours, and you can give the PMP exams for certification with full preparation. The course will cost you $3,395.

Interested in getting a project management certification without a degree? Read the report of Nebraska State Council for the Social Studies

LinkedIn Learning 

With a premium LinkedIn account, you can get access to excellent learning material with no fees. If you don’t have a premium account yet, you can get a free trial of 30 days and continue afterward with $24.99 every month. 

LinkedIn has a lot of project management videos that are mostly an hour long. The videos are all training videos that will help you with great learning and give you knowledge about project management principles. 

Start here:


Getting a project management certification is an essential thing for you to excel in your project manager career. You can achieve your goal by taking a project management course. After taking the certification, you will see a lot of good things opening up for you. The advantages include a high-rise in your salary, promising opportunities, and so much more. 

Some project management courses are free of cost, which means you don’t have to spend big bucks for the course materials. 

Other courses require some cost for the materials, certifications, etc. however, the fees are worth it because most of these institutes are well known. They also get their job done to train you for the certificate.

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